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Hello, I'm Karen 👩🏻‍💻

I’m a Product Designer based out of Brooklyn, NY with a background in partnerships strategy & brand marketing. I'm an ENFJ who strives to empathize with users, my goal is to create beautiful, human-centered experiences that are rooted in research ✨

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Justworks Payroll 💸

Designing an end-to-end payroll product for small business owners

Leading the branding and product design of Justworks' newest payroll product from scratch to address the needs of small business owners, including but not limited to: making payments, managing PTO requests, time tracking, and running reports.

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Trulli Audio 🎧

Shipping a marketing site for an audio company aiming to help users experience music as the artist intended

Collaborating closely with Trulli's senior leadership as well as internal development teams to create a scalable design system and component library that provides Trulli the flexibility to build a site that tells their unique story.

Home Cook 🧑🏻‍🍳

Creating an end-to-end iOS app for a cooking/recipe app to help home cooks discover more diverse cuisines

Home Cooks was born out of the need for more diversity in the western food publication world. Written by immigrants, Home Cook offers that authentic, home cooking experience that people seek when they are experiencing and learning about other cultures through food. 


Pilates with Go Chlo 🧘🏻‍♀️

Building a user-friendly class booking website for Chloe's pilates practice

The pandemic has forced many gyms and boutique fitness studios to close, including the pilates studio where Chloe worked. As such, she began hosting live Zoom classes 5 days a week where her Instagram followers all over the world could sign up via her link in bio. For this project, I designed a website that would make the booking process easier and provide her past and future clients a centralized place to access her pilates practice.

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