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Me in my favorite place in the world, Paris 🥐

About Me

Prior to switching my career into UX, I was working in the publishing industry at companies that ranged from small, scrappy startups of 10 employees where I managed entire marketing campaigns from pre to post sales, to The New York Times' award winning T Brand Studio where I worked alongside sales to come up with branded content/partnerships ideas, and finally, as a Manager of Partnerships and Branding at The Infatuation where I sat on both the creative and partnerships team to design, generate ideas, and establish branding guidelines for the partnerships team as the voice of the creative team. 💬


When I was laid off due to the global pandemic wrecking havoc on the advertising/partnerships business, I took the time to reflect on where I wanted to take my career and discovered that all roads led to a career in UX. With every role, I had always established myself as the unofficial designer of the team, and all my experience working in advertising and alongside sales to pitch ideas to clients has taught me how to manage and empathize with business, client, and user goals/expectations. My strategic background has taught me the value of leveraging data and research to back up my recommendations and on top of that, UX was a career in which I could truly pursue my passion for design professionally. It was a lightbulb moment when I realized I was a UX Designer in the making all along. 💡


As an ENFJ, I love helping others and I pride myself in having strong ideas and values. As a UX designer, I want to put my creative energy and empathetic nature to use by designing beautiful products that people need and find delightful. Having found the right career path that was born out of passion, I look forward to working in an environment with a lot of opportunities to grow and be a part of a team that creates human-centered products that make an impact. 💥

Skills 💪🏼

User Research

Design Thinking



Usability Testing

Visual Design




Tools 🛠




Adobe CC

Microsoft Office

G Suite



Interests 😍


Strength Training



Dog Petting

Video Games


Food / Cooking


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